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Craftsmen, below you will find answers to many common questions about our service.

  • Why do I need a web site?
    Almost everyone understands that a web site presence is worthwhile. It provides a great opportunity for your customers to find your online catalog all year long - not just at a few shows. If you're not interested in developing your business, then we can't help you. If you are interested then read this.

  • Why is it so Cheap?
    We want to make the Internet available to everyone; big or small. If you have 10 items to sell (our minimum billing), then your Total Monthly cost will be $8 per month (we have a 12 month min. billing cycle) or $96 for the year. If you have 20 items to put at your site, your cost is the same - just the setup fee for us to initially upload the items. There is a very reasonable $60 setup fee for the initial design of your site and uploading 10 items - any additional items are $8 each to upload.

  • I am not sure how much money to send, can you bill me?
    Yes! Just send along your text, photos and info and we will bill you.

  • How do people pay me?
    If you have a credit card processor the shopping cart stores their information and you can log in to access all orders and the credit card info. We can also link to Paypal - or if you just want them to send a check we can do that also.

  • Who decides which pictures show in the boxes on the Craftmall home page?
    Each time the home page is loaded there are random pictures chosen from the group of vendors. If you want to see your slide, then reload the page until you see it. They are loaded randomly so that shoppers see a variation and this keeps the site dynamic.

  • If I don't have a computer how do I get orders?
    You will need some type of computer access (friend or neighbor) and email account to receive orders.

  • What is your policy on payment?
    All accounts past due 30 days will be put on hold - that means the site is not accessible.

  • What is your policy on Shoppers complaints?
    We contact the Craftsmen involved and ask them to remedy the situation. All accounts not filling orders in a timely manor will be put on hold or removed without compensation. For ex. we get a complaint that a shopper is waiting for 4 weeks and has not received their order which was promised in two weeks - we then call the Craftsmen. If the craftsmen does not fill the order ASAP they will be removed and their site cancelled without any refund for service paid. This hold policy applies to prepaid orders only. For example you receive a check for a craft, you cash the check and do not send the order.

  • What is your policy on spamming?
    We will remove or place on hold any account that spams using Dean Martin's Craftmall.net. We will not refund any money to accounts that spam and are removed or placed on hold.

  • How many items can I feature on my site?
    You can feature as many items as you pay for us to upload to your shopping cart.

  • Are there any hidden fees?
    No, there are not any hidden fees. There are additional services available for a fee, if you desire them, such as purchasing your own domain name, full web site hosting with email services, getting your photographs digitized, etc.- please call or email for pricing.

  • Do you take a commission on my sales?
    No, all orders are sent directly to you by mail, phone, fax, or email.

  • How soon will I be on the Internet?
    One week or less after we receive all the text, data and images. Add a few days for scans or photography.

  • Can I sell imported crafts here?
    No, we do not allow any imports. The reason for this is, we represent people who make crafts, not importers.

  • Can I make changes to my site?
    Yes - anytime. The first set of changes, if done within initial 30 days, are free. Additional items can be added for $8 each. If you need to make pricing changes or text changes we can do that for $2 each.

  • How large of a photo can I send you?
    The digital photo sent to us will be compressed to be under 50K, many images are under 25K. So send us cropped images no larger than 600 pixels x 600 pixels, or if sending color prints for us to scan (additional charge) no larger than 4x6.

  • How can people find my site?
    Each store front or craftsmen will be registered with their own address. For example your shops address "www.craftmall.net/YourName" will be registered with all major search engines for no additional cost. This service will be done ASAP using our submittal service. Search engines do take several months for new sites to be linked. For better search engine rankings you can visit bulletin board or forum sites and put your web address in your signature.

  • How is this better than my own personal web page?
    It's not necessarily better, just different. It is better for people who want one stop shopping. It is also much less expensive than a full web site design (typically $400-600 and up). If someone wants to shop for crafts, they go where numerous craftsmen are. As we grow we will attract more people. If you already have your own web page and want to host it through us, we will put a link from your shop in the Craftmall to your web page for no additional charge. The benefit to having your own personal site is that you have full customization of the look and feel.

  • Can I have a link to another of my pages?
    Yes, if you have a craftmall site, you may have one free link to a site you own or a craft club or craft guild's site you are a member of. We reserve the right to refuse non-craft affiliated site links.

  • I want my customers to be able to buy online with a charge card. Can you do this?
    Yes, we have Secure Online Shopping using a secure form.

  • Can the Dean Martin's Craftmall.net use pictures they took in any other way than being on my page?
    Yes. We may use your photo to promote the Craftmall. We may place it in our "Wing" slide show, or we may place it in a banner to attract traffic.

  • How much traffic does this site get?
    We are getting about 10,000 hits a day and anywhere from 100 to 500 unique visits a day. In addition, many of our visitors go directly to the craftsmen's site and not through the main page. Therefore, a portion of the mall traffic is not even included in the above numbers.

  • I am going away for 60 days what should I do?
    We can place a notice on your page that states "No orders taken until ?". There is no charge for doing this.

  • How do I get more people coming to my site?
    There is a lot of competition out there. First make sure everyone you have contact with gets your web address. For example place a small poster at all shows and give out plenty of cards with your Craftmall address on them (make them easily accessible). List your web address on all printed material including magazine or news paper advertising. Go to the Internet and post your address at any sites offering free advertising. Advertise on a email news letter.

  • If the Dean Martin's Craftmall.net takes photos of my products, who owns them and can I use them also?
    We reserve the right to keep and use the photos sent to us or taken by us, to promote the Craftmall using any media format. So we have 100% usage with no restrictions. You however also have the same rights to the photo and even the text we write. You can do whatever you want with what is on your shop's page. We are a friendly Craftmall and have few restrictions. We encourage our Craftsmen to get the word out about their site using any means. Some even hand out printed copies of their shop.

  • Will you be raising the rates or minimum any time soon?

  • What if I join and pay for one year then decide I want to de-list, do I get a refund?
    It takes a great deal of work to initially get your site online. If you are unhappy with the way your page looks we will be glad to make any necessary changes in the first 30 days. If you are still not happy we will refund all but $60 to compensate for the initial setup. After the first 30 days there are no refunds.

  • O.K. How do I get started?
    You need to send us the following;

  • (1) Your Logo:
    Send us a digital logo (we can scan a printed logo for $3). If you don't have a logo, you can make one online for free. Just go to our site, click on "join us", and click on "Make my own Logo". Or we will make it for you for $8 at the free logo page (if for some reason you do not like the logo we make, then send us a replacement logo)

  • (2) Meet The Craftsmen:
    Send us a paragraph about you & your crafts and a digital photo of yourself (we can scan a color print (not slides) for $3).

  • (3) Display Box Text for each item:
    Write a paragraph of information about each product (with a number on each paragraph & corresponding photo so we don't confuse them). This paragraph can have size info, customizing info, or just have a story about your item!

  • (4) Business Info:
    Send us your - Name, address, phone, fax, and email.

  • (5) Photos:
    Send us your photos on a disk (or by email), or Send us your color prints (one item per print) and we will scan them for $3 ea., or Send us your items and we will photograph them for $8 ea., plus return shipping.

    All photographic color prints will remain with us unless asked to be returned - so when you send color prints please send us copies.

  • (6) Your Payment

  • We reserve the right to run Banner Ads on any page at anytime.