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The AOL browser is notorious for displaying images improperly. If you see lines, grain, or a low quality image then the AOL browser is most likely the cause. At AOL they over compress the graphics before they send the images back to you. This over compression may destroy the quality of the image.

Important: The AOL browser will not reload or refresh these images after you have visited them with the compressed mode on. It is stuck on your hard drive disk until you clear the cache. To clear the cache, go to 1)Preferences -2)Advanced -3)Purge Cache. If your AOL browser does not have these features then upgrade it.

Get at least AOL version 3.0 or better. For more info see AOL's help.

There is something easy you can do now to improve the quality
of the images you view using the AOL browser.

Use the following procedure:
Go to "Prefs"
Select "Web Graphics"
Find the checkbox that says "Use Compressed Graphics".  Make sure this box is NOT checked.  (When this box is checked, images will download quicker, but the quality of the images will be VERY poor and often have lines and other flaws). Click "OK" to accept the changes and exit. Press the "Reload" button on your browser to see the changes.  Remember to "Reload" any pages you are re-visiting to load better images.

Also make sure under the "Members" "Preferences" "Graphics" "Set Color Mode" that your colors are set to the maximum allowable by your computer.

Please be aware that there are other problems with AOL that can't be fixed by changing a simple setting.  Ultimately, the best way to view the Internet is through an independent service provider that allows you standard access using your choice of Netscape Navigator or Microsoft Internet Explorer.

Click here to go to Yahoo's Internet Access Providers Listings for each State. Once there click on your state and go from there.

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